Chaos- poetry.

C H A O S Lungs filled with smoke, Eyes covered in fog, Mouth stuffed with sand, Mind gelled out into chaos. Living among scrunched up paper and meagre amounts of ink, I live art and breathe Magic. My mind tangled amongst twists in my hair, and the scent of far fetched memories. My lips burnt of biting in doubt and anger. My soul yearns to feel warmth that singes, yet comforts. My eyes simmer in pain, my heart shrinks in ache, my hands burn from scars, my feet buckle under agony. Is life truly a balance? Is doubt in … Continue reading Chaos- poetry.

Bullet Journal 101

You’re probably wondering what this is. Or you already know about this, and you’re checking out my version of it. So, I’ll get to it directly. Stating the obvious, the Bullet journal, is a Journal, but better than “a journal”. Typically, a Journal is defined as  “a daily record of news and events of a personal nature or a diary.”, but a bullet journal, is a journal that does more than that. It helps you organise your events, tasks, and appointments, very well with your own personal touch. A bullet journal is something that you can personalise to your will, … Continue reading Bullet Journal 101

Five Hobbies That You Can Develop As A Teenager.

Being a teenager is fun, you know there’s friends to hang out with, fun things to do, and then, there’s school too. Whilst all this there are so many skills you can develop that’d be fun. So here, I’ve made a list of stuff that’d be fun to do as a teenager! 1.Photography Photography is fun and I think clicking pictures that’d last, would be very fun. Being a kid, I hated being pictured, but now I enjoy both picturing others and being photographed myself. It’s just fun, being able to discover your aesthetic, artistic, and creative sense! You can … Continue reading Five Hobbies That You Can Develop As A Teenager.

Poetic rants.

Rants are a part of life. There’s nothing you can do about it. There’s actually something extremely intriguing about it. It’s how you do it that matters. Not why you’re doing it. Or even if there are opinions that conflict these. So I found ways to doing this. And one way that really relieved me is either making poetry or reading. You can also find this on my Instagram. “Broken” “Broken”- We’re all a little broken, Broken in our own way, But the last time I checked, Broken crayons still color. We’re all a little alone, Aloned by people, But … Continue reading Poetic rants.