The glasses. (Chapter one)

I stood up and brushed the hair out of my face. I stumbled around for my glasses and put them on. I’d rolled off my bed.

‌I showered and dressed and headed down for breakfast. After breakfast, I decided to read a book, so I settled in my bed and started to read, and then, I dozed off, with the book in my hand. 

I woke up and rubbed my eyes. What was the time?? 2:00pm. What?? I’d started to read at 10:00am..I’d slept through for four hours…! No way! I wasn’t much of a sleepyhead! 

I rubbed my eyes and headed down. And then, I saw something​ and stopped dead in my tracks. It was something I’d seen before, no, I’d heard of it. I’d heard of it’s descriptions and it was exactly like how I’d imagined it to be.

It was a monster, from….GREEK MYTHOLOGY!!! It was a gorgon. But wait, this couldn’t be real. After all, it was mythology. And even if it were a gorgon, one of the three sisters, I should have turned to stone now.

I pinched myself. Nope, I wasn’t dreaming. My eyes could probably be deceiving me, I rubbed them and realized​ I wasn’t wearing my glasses. I literally stumbled up the stairs and put my glasses on. 

Nope, my eyes were playing tricks on me. There was nothing. No gorgon. No Greek  Mythology. And then, I forgot all about it, not taking it too seriously.

And then it happened again. I was running home, because I was really excited. And then I fell face down, gashing my chin badly and grazing my knees and hands badly. My glasses shattered and flew across the road. I slowly got myself on my toes and slowly limped home. And then, I saw it again. The gorgon was standing next to my doorway. I was already unstable and collapsed on the spot.

I woke up hours later, and found myself in my bed. My friend had got me back in bed. I slowly got myself up and looked around. There, my friend sat next to my bed squeezing my hands. And then, one more glance, there it was! The gorgon. It was back. It was standing next to my bookshelf and peering at the book I’d been reading the first time I saw it. 

That drove me crazy. I’d seen it twice. I screamed in horror, drenching the room with a shrill sense of excitement and horror. My friend, squeezed my hand so tightly, that I felt no blood running through it.

 “WHAT THE FREAKING HELL IS GOING ON???” she screamed into my ear. “That thing, it’s a gorgon… I see something..” I panted out pointing near the bookshelf. “THERE’S NOTHING OVER THERE.” she screamed back. I fainted, over again. 

I woke up the next day. I was alone. I stumbled around for my glasses. I always wondered why I had to wear glasses. I could see perfectly, even without them. 

I couldn’t find my glasses. And then, I remembered. My glasses, they’d fallen off, the other day and they were shattered. “Great. Simply great.” I thought. And then I stood up and collapsed. I slowly got back on to bed.

 I looked around literally swearing to myself, that one more time I saw a gorgon, I’d jump off the balcony. There you go. I did see it.

 Guess what?  This time it was sitting right next to me. It stared me in the eye. I just froze. Well, I don’t know if it was because she was staring , that I’d become stoned, or I was simply stunned and stoned.

The gorgon caressed my hair. I sat there gaping. I’d just fallen and bruised every part of my body,  and then my friend had fled thinking I was a mad woman, and then there was this gorgon here caressing my hair. 

I didn’t know what to do. Should I caress her hair too?? But what if the snakes lunged back..? I mean, her hair was just a bunch of snakes. “So, how are you my li’l sissy??” she hissed. “I’m as fine as possible. Though, I’m still weak.” I hissed back, but it wasn’t me. I wasn’t talking. Someone else was in there, in me, I wasn’t talking. 

“When you leaving this girl? I’ve had enough of her. Always screaming or over- reacting.” said Stheno​. I didn’t know how I figured her name, but I just knew it at the moment. “Gimme sometime. This girl has something up. She can see you when I ain’t awake in her soul.” I said back. 


 I could see without my glasses. I could see a whole new world, and I could stare Stheno​ in the eye without turning to stone. That wasn’t all. I probably had Medusa using me for something.

To be Contd.


“T. W. L”

She came closer and stretched out her arms, and then she hugged me. Tightly. Then, she squeezed my hand, and they felt sweaty. I felt something drop in my hand.

 Before I could look, everything blacked out.

I woke up with a start. I found myself breathing heavily. I looked down upon my bed. A crumpled piece of paper was lying next to my hand. I picked it up and smoothed it out. “T. W. L” it said. I placed it on the table next to my wristwatch. It was my favorite wristwatch, and I felt confident and assertive when I wore it.
I pushed away my sheets and stood up and headed to the restroom. I picked up my toothbrush, washed it and smeared toothpaste on it. I put it in my mouth and brushed. Then, I stopped abruptly. Something was missing. I whipped out my toothbrush and checked if I’d smeared toothpaste. Yup, been there, done that. There have been times when I’ve forgotten to smear toothpaste. But no, today I’d done that. What was missing? I opened my mouth and stood there gaping in horror. 
My tooth. It was missing. My front tooth was missing. I gargled my mouth and whipped out the sheets of my bed. No tooth. I collapsed on the floor. And then, I saw it. The crumpled piece of paper. There was something new written on it. “Tooth.” I checked on my tooth. Nope, it was gone. 
I showered thinking of what a horrible day it was and how it could possibly become worse. I’d woken up with a start, had a nightmare and lost a tooth with no traces of it. How could my day possibly get worse..? 

After dressing up, I grabbed my wristwatch. THUD! A part of it fell. My heart skipped a beat. It was broken. Into two clean pieces. 

I broke out into a sweat and went for the crumpled piece of paper. There you go! “Wristwatch” was written below “Tooth”. I’d had enough. I called up my friend and explained to her I won’t be coming to school today. 

I decided to nap for the day. I was done. I crashed into my sheets and closed my eyes.

I heard laughter. It was cold and clear and dripped with consciousness of what was happening. I found the girl who’d hugged me sitting in the corner. She clutched the piece of paper I’d had all morning. Something else was written on it. “Life”

” T. W. L”

I woke up with a start. I was alive. The paper was gone.

Ten things to know about yours truly!!

Hey there! I’ve made about 10 blog posts now and I’ve also completed a year on WordPress…!

So, I thought you ought to find out a few stuff about me..
I’m a Gemini, yep, and I’m proud of it! I am indecisive, and do suck a little at friendships…though, I’ve got two BFFs(hoping they do stay forever), by my side. I’m practically a nerd, yep, I do wear glasses and end up being extremely DORKY! (sometimes you know)

I am a book dragon.(I prefer that term, ’cause I ain’t no worm!) I love books and I love blog posts too! I’m currently reading Heroes Of Olympus, and just completed the Percy Jackson series, and I’m *OBSESSED* with the Harry Potter series! Like “Always!”

I love music. No, I *LIVE* music. I can’t stay without music, a single day. I can sing. (as far as I know, LOL, I mean, I attend music classes) Some of my favourite artistes are The Chainsmokers, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, 5H, 1D, etc. (Just the same old dudes, you see)

I enjoy writing. I helps me vent out. Big time. I get to describe and confess my feelings to my readers, which makes me feel lot better.

I’m not exactly a foodie. In fact,  I would say, I’m it’s opposite. Though, give me a chunk of chocolate, and you become my bae. (Not exactly, LOL)

I love traveling. It’s just like reading, you discover new stuff, you learn, (sure enough, you do, LOL, like forgetting to pack an extra pair of shoes) and most importantly, you feel happiness, joy, which is what I actually care about.

I may not believe in many things. But, I do believe in one thing, strongly. I believe that one day, I would be famous for what I AM. People would admire me, and I’d be a different person, because, that’s what I really yearn for sometimes. A whole lot of attention. I am very attention- seeking indeed.

My biggest fear is not getting a Hogwarts letter and not being accepted into it, at least when I’m thirteen. Just kidding. My biggest fear, is like Hermione’s, I fear being isolated in my life and ending up being somewhere, where I don’t belong. Seriously, I do. I don’t know if it makes sense to you, but I do NOT like being ignored.

I love poetry, and I enjoy making it too. I believe poetry can be delivered with the deepest of meanings, hardest of feelings, and tend to convey a lot. I enjoy making poetry too, because, sometimes, you just don’t get the right words, to describe how you feel. So, you make into poetry, ridiculed and beautiful poetry.

Last, but not the least, I have a sibling, a younger brother. I figured you could’ve possibly guessed that, because, he did find a few mentions in my older blogs..

What to learn from Greek mythology…? Also some ‘no- offence’ advise to the Gods..

After reading Percy Jackson with all those wonderful and intriguing prophecies and secretly admiring Athena and her daughter Annabeth, it’s simply hard to resist completely reading the Greek mythology…and there you go! I read Percy Jackson and the Greek gods and DUH being mythology, you are likely to be ridiculed by the story though if you ever manage to meet the twelve Olympians (hopefully not all at once, they would zap you off…you see they don’t like us mortals very much..) these would come in use..or you never know even in you practical life…these gods could just come disguised…either to spy or could be they’re just stunned by your beauty…


Zeus, King 👑 of Olympus

⚫️ Just don’t chop your dads will ya..?
I mean, I started to get a little grossed out and sick seeing all these gods and titans zapping and chopping themselves. First, Gaia simply just gets pissed off with her hubby Ouranos and orders her son, Kronos to chop him up with the (first ever one, possibly)scythe she made, and there ya go..all chopped up, though his golden blood ichor did give rise to a bajillion other creatures. And sadly, that isn’t the end of it… Zeus decides to get back at his father for gobbling up his siblings(we’ll get back to that later)and there’s another chopped up dad..into a thousand pieces and cast into the deep pits of Tartarus.

– ⚫️ Stop gobbling up your kids, for heaven’s sake! Oh sorry, forgot the queen of heavens is in your belly..🙁
Oh gosh, Kronos, you just can’t keep gobbling up your kids, just because your dad cursed you..I mean, you deserved that..! Vlacas!! (LOL..feeling smug, 😏😏learnt some swear words in Greek…BTW, that means idiot) Well, at least in the end you barfed them out, I’m happy! Though I still think you need some personal hygiene..!

⚫️ Just stop tossing away your kids, just because they’re ugly!
Ugh.. I feel bad for the Cyclopes and the Hundred- handed ones, I mean Ouranos shouldn’t have just tossed them off into Tartarus because they were ugly! They would’ve made you some wonderful weapons..And Hephaestus, certainly, being tossed off Mount Olympus twice, by each parent…for being ugly and for helping your mum…uuughh

⚫️ Zeus, seriously? It’s time to keep track….
OF YOUR WIVES!! Seriously, being head of Olympus, you should be an example…Just, at least keep track of the number of wives you have..and ohh your kids too!

⚫️ Ummm, revenging has limits…
Hera, I completely understand your husband is a jerk, having so many girlfriends, breaking his promise and stuff, though I’d say you shouldn’t be so hard on his girlfriends though, just get a little easy, will ya?

⚫️ It’s best not to get back at the gods..!
Seriously, I mean it, anyone of the gods…they could just zap you off if they wanted to. And.. you know, these gods do tend to hold grudges a LITTLE too much..

⚫️Don’t get on the bad side of your grandmother
I mean, who wouldn’t get pissed off when you just chop off her favourite sons and throw them off into Tartarus..she would obviously avenge their “chopping” by sending giants and stuff, though you know, she should rest, after all, it’s just her grandsons and great- grandsons ruling, isn’t it?



Ahh, I love Fan art….and btw, if I were a demigod I’d be child of apollo!!

⚫️We are never ever ever…
Doing a bad dress up! (I would put it this way, if I were Taylor Swift..LOL) Yes, the next fancy dress competition, if they tell you to dress up as Greek god say NO. (Like Meghan Trainor..oh gosh, lots of pop stars popping up…LMAO..SO MANY PUNS)
Yeah, the gods wouldn’t consider it an honour and  think Mortals have cute shrieks when they step on them, which I think is GROSS! You wouldn’t want to end up like that dude Salmoneus..he thought the people should honour kings first rather than gods, so he decided to trick them, he did a very LAME dress up as Zeus and went out and well, you guessed it! A jagged lightning split the sky and yeah, POOF!

⚫️You are never better at doing anything than the gods!
You never know, you could be,but you know, just stay grounded, all of us know Gods have egos bigger than mount Olympus, you don’t want turned into a spider or having your skin flayed, do you? You don’t want to end up like Arachne, a cutesy spider or like that satyr dude Marsyas, having been flayed alive..hmm you just end up with a sad ending just because you dared to make music as good as Apollo or weave as skilled as Athena..

⚫️ You won’t be needing any patrons..
Yeah, if you have two gods wanting to patronise your city, well, just don’t say no to both, they would combine to get your city to ashes, maybe, you should just run away, because that city and the people are GONERS. Yes, like the city Attica or Athens. Athena and Poseidon compete, Athen being wiser wins, she gave them olive trees and they loved it, and renamed the city Athens in honour of their patron. But hey! What about Poseidon? He gave them horses and they went for olives, obviously, though he destroyed the lower part of the city with a flood.

⚫️ Just stay away from Ares
I bet you’re like “DUH!” IF you knew his identity! Oh oh, it’s the god of war! I guessed you figured the rest, he is obviously mercilessly ,rudely, warly ,cunningly and perhaps accidentally ,godly. Yeah, he’s immortal and YOU’RE NOT!

⚫️Don’t watch any god turn to their real form
You’d DISINTEGRATE. Though, not likely you’d meet one tomorrow, just saying!

⚫️Fire, we’re lucky!
We struck two stones and then fire appeared, didn’t it? Well, sadly Prometheus doesn’t think so…he gave it to us, though Zeus forbid him to..! So currently he’s been chained to a rock and has a re-forming liver which would re- form everyday for an eagle to tear and eat..! Hmmm…GROSS

⚫️Gods don’t like human meat (though Zeus didn’t mind gobbling up his pregnant wife)
Yes, no messing around!! No cannibalism with the gods, duh! They’re gonna leave you with a curse for eternal hunger and thirst beneath a tree with delicious apples…like that dude, Tantalus. Well, you see he didn’t like his son very much, so he chopped him up for dinner, and the gods weren’t pleased, especially after resting a while in their dad’s belly!

⚫️Don’t escape death..
Yeah, don’t you think you can knock out death (actually, Thanatos, Hades’ lieutenant showed up.) and stuff him under the bed. Well, this dude, Sisyphus didn’t stop with only getting away once. After he got escorted to the Underworld after Ares rescued Thanatos as none would die in war, Sisyphus lied again and got away from Hades, and at last, Hermes, dragging him back to the Underworld, he got his punishment. He had to push this rich to the top of a hill, but the problem was, it kept rolling back again, ummmmm practically it was impossible. Nah, he couldn’t stop either, the Furies would keep checking on him.
Ugggh, that was sure, some super- GROSS and hopefully some useful learning about Greek mythology, and yeah just don’t try these stuff out…

2016- A review

“Every new day is a blank page of a 365 page book, write a good one”

-Brad Paisley.

2017 is here now!! As we all take up resolutions, and look forward to the upcoming year, we are getting older, each day and there is more for us to accomplish this year. Goals are set and it is in our hands to accomplish them as we move forward. As we move forward, let’s take a moment to look back and see what we have left behind of 2016, and see how we could’ve improved ourselves, because looking back into the past doesn’t make sense, but knowing what we should’ve done and shouldn’t have done is vital for us to be a better personality that we left of the previous year.

2016 started in a different way for each one of us. Whilst we Indians mourned the loss of a great leader, Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam, 2016 kick started for us. Half of us were ready for it while the others weren’t, but when it started, little did we know what we had to face, as we walked through this.

January 2016, was sticking to our goals and resolutions, and enjoying the newness of Christmas and New Year presents.  This time January had more for us, leaving the Harry Potter cast, crew and the fans in heartbreak, as Alan Rickman, the man who acted Snape in the Harry Potter series died on the 14th of January, aged 69.

 2016, being a leap year, gave us an extra 24 hours. We also know what a leap year means, Olympics; anticipation and expectations from the nation, to bring back something home.

February 2016, also meant Obama’s historic visit to Cuba, being the next President of USA to visit, since Calvin Coolidge in 1928.

March 2016, was sprayed in colours as we embraced Holi. March also meant the last month of our academic year 2015-16. As all of us completed our exams and heaved back, our holidays begun!! As March peeped in, summer also decided to peep in as it slowly increases the sun’s wrath, making us whip our foreheads off sweat and tire.

April 2016,got into the peaks of summer and holidays. As the sun decided to make us all immobile and awe at the weather reports and temperature, we slowly get past the wrath to May! As we were ready to move on to May, destiny decided to play its game and on the 21st of April, we lost Prince, an American Singer and songwriter who died at the age of 57. As we mourned his death, Beyoncé, decided to cheer us up, as she dropped her sixth album, ‘Lemonade’.

May 2016, was tough as we geared past summer’s last month of wrath. May 2016, also meant my birthday! J

June 2016, was “Phewing off” the heat as the wrath was over! As students geared up for their next academic year, dusting off their laziness from the holidays, school rolled in getting us students on our toes, when the sad news of Muhammad Ali’s death loomed in. On June 3rd, Muhammad Ali, an American professional boxer, died at the age of 74, leaving behind his achievements for the pride of the people.

July 2016, was overall an exciting month as Harry Potter fans, including me, waited in anticipation for the eighth story of the Harry Potter series, (as J K Rowling had announced previously in the year) Harry Potter and the Cursed child to be released, since the last one, 19 years before. On July 31st, the long wait was over and the book was released, as people rushed to the bookstores to grab their copy! J K Rowling was back, after her long nineteen year break for her career, and the series.

August 2016, was quite a milestone for Indians, as we saw P V Sindhu win the Silver medal, being the fourth Indian to win the silver. Celebrating the triumph of Sakshi Malik too, we dived into celebrative moods.

September 2016, passes by with celebration as exams turn round the corner and everybody gets back to work at school and workplaces.

October 2016, was filled with festive spirit as Diwali, Dussehra and Halloween spring up for us!! We light up our houses with lamps to chase darkness and sorrow, and celebrate Dussehra at its best! Little did we know that the next month would be so significant for Americans and Indians alike.

November 2016. November 2016, majorly consisted of Indians thinking of India’s future as it got MODIfied, while Americans thought of America’s future as Trump made America great again. Yes, on November 8th, Indians got to know India was to be demonetized, and we bid goodbyes to Rs.500 and Rs.1000 notes and Americans got to know Trump was elected President! Luckily, the month ended with a happy note as J K Rowling released her last work of the year, “Fantastic Beasts and where to find them”, a prequel of the Harry Potter series.

December 2016: People heaved sighs of 2016, as it drew to an end, waiting for what not to come, and how time had just flown by, when something most unexpected happened. On December 5th2016, India lost one of its most valued and respected woman-leaders, J Jayalalithaa, aged 68, who’d served as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu for 5 terms. Just as people mourned the loss, 2016 decided to finish off with a last disaster as the Vardah Cyclone hit Chennai, on December 12, leaving behind massive destruction and loss of Chennai’s green cover .As the New Year approached, people looked forward to a new beginning, a new year, and newer achievements.

Let’s just pray for a great, successful and productive year ahead!

The time we literally got TIRED of beaches!!

“Andaman and Nicobar Islands.” The first thought occurring to anyone would be a vast spread of blue, rippling across back and forth, while you sprawl out on the sand, tanning yourself and just staring at the sky. Beaches, Exotic and Calming beaches! Shemurr!

Sure enough, when we returned we were so ‘beached up’! We literally vowed to ourselves to not visit the beach for at least a month.” Yo’ lookin’ for a break? Then this gotta be the righ’ place for yo’!”

A six – day trip to chilling out, it was pure ‘Awesomeness’! 

Day 1- 24th November 2016

Bags packed, breakfast in tummy, dresses on, shoe laces tied, and excitement clinging on, we boarded our flight to Port Blair. In the flight, the first few minutes, I was just staring out of the window, with no idea of what to do. I could go over to my friend’s seat and chat with her, whose family was accompanying us ,or music on, or just continue to stare outside the window and just become more air sick till I threw up. I decided to music. Headphones on, I played music on my phone. Then we got some coffee, and then I went selfie- mad,- I dunno, I was just doing blah for two hours, literally on the plane, till I got off.

After collecting both the families’ bags, we took a car to our rooms. After accommodating our rooms, we went for lunch. Our hotel’s name was Blue Sea Hotel. After lunching, we decided to rest. At first me and my friend, were gobbling up chocs and other snacks, then we also dozed off, with the adults.

At 2pm, we left for ‘Corbyn’s cove’. Then we decided to jet ski. They told me to take my glasses off, or it might fly away. I didn’t. I got on and it was bombdigitty! Lucky, I got my

Image result for corbyn's cove beach
Corbyn’s cove beach

glasses off before the ride intensified. Water was literally all over my face, and it was so much fun! After I got off I was totally shaken. I came to the shore and just sat there for sometime thinking of the ride. After my brother returned, he was such a sight. We all burst into laughter, and my brother got all shy ’cause every  person was laughing at him. His hair was all spiked up and he was totally shaken.

After my friend returned, we decided to play a game. We ran at top speed and then suddenly jumped, PLOP! We all got super muddy! After changing, we went to the Rajiv Gandhi Sports Complex. There, there was this children traffic park, with traffic rules and signboards all over, where you could ride a Bi/Tricycle. Unfortunately, we didn’t have one for our age, so we decided to ride the one meant for 10 years. My friend went first, I wanted to race her and BLIMEY! I fell and bruised my knees! Shemurr! Awkward!!!!

After both of our siblings were done cycling, we went back to our rooms, refreshed and had dinner and fell back for the night!!

Day 2- 25th November 2016

I wake up to find I’m in Andaman! Oh YEAH! Recognition dawns upon me! I pull on my Jeans and my T-Shirt and step down for Breakfast. Then we take a car driven by Sanjeet, who actually drove us down for the whole trip.We again go to the water sports complex and we were waiting for like two hours till our vessel ‘M V Saroj’ arrived. Though all of us were frustrated, the wait was certainly worth it. We first landed on ‘North Bay Island’.

Fun Fact: The picture of this island can be found on our 20 rupee notes!

After a little talk, we decided to try out Scuba Diving training at North bay, and if it was good enough we could just go for it,  if not we could go for Sea Walk. Me, my mum, my dad, my friend and her mum were gonna try it out. The training started. We were told signs, to communicate for an emergency, underwater. For “OK”, you had to join your thumb and index to form an’O’ and keep the other three fingers raised. For going up, you had to show a “thumbs up”.For   going down, “thumbs down”and for something wrong , you had to put your hand out flat and wave it lightly.

All of us wore suits, a weight belt, goggles and had an oxygen cylinder at our backs for inhaling. Then, having regulators in our mouth, we trialled underwater. I was quite okay. I agreed, but I was teriffied, you know, scuba diving at twelve’s not easy.

Image result for north bay island andaman
North bay island

I was ready, I went underwater with the guide. It wasn’t easy breathing through your mouth. After sometime, some water went into my nose and I started spluttering. In a hurry, I took my regulator off too and I started to choke. Luckily, the guide hurried me upwards and I got fine. After that, it was great,watching the underwater marine life of all colors and sizes, possible. You know sometimes things are so great that you just have to live that moment, and it ain’t so easy decribing it later. All I can say is, it was a spectacular and breathtaking sight of marine life, underwater!!

After diving, I changed and we got onto M V Saroj again, and headed to Ross Island. At Ross

Image result for ross island
Ross Island

island, we didn’t get in the water. We were just sight- seeing. We saw a bunker built by the Japanese, and we saw a lots of deer. We were hanging about and we also got to see peacocks!

Image result for cellular jail top view
Cellular Jail

All of us were tired and hungry, when we got off M V Saroj. We headed straight for lunch, and returned to our rooms. Later in the evening, we visited Cellular jail, for the light and sound show, about the history of the Andaman Islands and Cellular Jail, and how it attained its name ‘Kaala Pani’.

Day 3- 26th November 2016

After breakfast, we boarded our ship to the Havelock Islands, called ‘Green Ocean’. It was the first time for all of us on a ship, and the sight was spectacular. By the end of the cruise, we had a dancefloor! Guessed it! Shemurr! I didn’t Dance!

After reaching Havelock, we accommodated this beach resort, called ‘El Dorado’, where there was a small beach at the back. We decided to rest for the day. For dinner, we ate at a Restaurant, called Shakaahar, where food was great.

Day 4- 27th November 2016

Originally, we’d planned to go to Lighthouse beach, Elephant beach and RadhaNagar Beach, but due to bad weather conditions, we couldn’t make it to Elephant beach. At first, we were waiting on a beach, for our boat, to take us to Lighthouse beach.Apparently, our

Image result for snorkeling

boat was late. So we were just playing around in the water, trying our best not to get soaking wet. But, both of our siblings, mine and my friend’s sibling got soaked and had to change. All of us enjoyed in that beach too soaking our legs, and enjoying the sand. After something that felt like ages, our boat arrived! It was called ‘Bikash Rider’ and rode us to Lighthouse beach. Here, we went Snorkeling, while the siblings just splashed bout. I’d say Snorkeling is just the tyro of Scuba Diving , ’cause we couldn’t go too deep, nor too far.

Image result for radhanagar beach
Radhanagar beach

We returned to our rooms to refresh, and then at 2pm we left to Radhanagar beach. This beach was breathtaking and the best of all. We all changed into swimming suits, just sat down, and waited for the waves to hit us and push us away. This was COOL! After this all we kids were very tired, and we just rested in our rooms for the day.

Day 5- 28th November 2016

We were just traveling back to Port Blair,in Green Ocean. After we reached we went to another beach and a sunset point, where we saw rocks of all colors, and we also sighted a crocodile!!! Later, we retired for the night at our rooms, back in Port Blair.

Day 6- 29th November 2016

Our last day at Andaman, and straight back home! We went Shopping and got quite a lot of stuff! we got a few shell- shaped keychains for our friends, some jewellery, a fridge

a bloody handprint we found in one of the cells (pc: my dad)

magnet and a ship which played music when you turned its steering. Then we toured the Cellular jail.It was quite upsetting to see that so many people gave their lives up for the nation. In fact,I found this in one of the cells.

At 2:25 we boarded our flight back home! Woah! What a trip! Like literally, this has been the best trip of my life to date!



50 Study Hacks to ace your next exam + Bonus printables for planning out your study!!!

When you know your exams are due in a week, you be like:


So here are 50 Study Hacks to (hopefully) ace your test!!!!!

Hack #1

Grab those headphones of yours and just rock your study session!! 


Hack #2

Not everything can be handled like your pizza! “All at once!” So break your study into chunks and take breaks.


Hack #3

Also try blocking apps like SelfControl or ColdTurkey for blocking out your phone or PC for a scheduled time.


Hack #4

Make notes like a BO$$!!!!

P.S : I love 5H

P.S.S : I Looooooove BO$$

images (5)_1477138538785.jpg

Hack #5

Read your notes!! Don’t just leave them in a corner nice and dusty, so you can just throw them away in the end of the semester.


Hack #6

Now I know why we gotta make notes!!!! Now this is what I call ‘legit’!


Hack #7

Being scented also gives you that ‘one another reason to study’.


Hack #8

Be weird! Be cool! Be weirdly and coolly studying!


Hack #9

Post it! Post this! Post that! “Post it” every goddamn thing!!

images (5)_1477140699511.jpg

Hack #10


Gotta finish like ten chapters?? Then this is the best way to literally ‘skim’ through material.

Hack #11

Best not to try it in a library!


Hack #12

I always* do this!! Drinking water will stimulate your body and thinking. I dunno why but it also inspires me to study.


* Emotional sobs.“After all this time?” .”ALWAYS” said Snape.

Hack #13

I prefer teaching stuffed toys cause I’m no teacher!


Hack #14

When you’re like totally scrunched for time and you gotta study in a public setting, this can prove useful.


Hack #15

Now I know, #Monday blues


Hack #16

Nappy nap!!


Hack #17



Hack #18

This reminds me of Chamber of Secrets!! “Enemies of the heir beware!!”

Hack #19

Punch ’em!

Hack #20

Try grape smoothies or grape ICE CREAM??!


Hack #21

Or why not try making your own PowerPoint presentation???


Hack #22

“I wanna stuff my face with Chocolate ” is directly linked to getting higher scores…. Wait what??? OH YEAH!! NOW YOU WANNA KISS ME!


Hack #23

Be careful with music! If you’re on YouTube, you can get distracted and before you realise you’re into Superwoman’s latest video and three hours have gone by.048502ce5dcbc6344b63105ce2884c5a

Hack #24

Use mnemonic devices. Like the ‘VIBGYOR’ you learnt to remember the colors of the rainbow.


Hack #25


Maintain a planner to plan out your study. Don’t miss out my bonus templates for planning out your Study.

Hack #26


After writing a paper copy and paste it on Google translate and it will read it out to you, as you find your mistakes easier.

Hack #27


Try PhotoMath, it allows you to take pictures of problems and it will solve them step- by – step for you.

Hack #28


Use to find words that you can’t think of but can describe.

Hack #29

Another method to remember things easily.


Hack #30


Revising is another hazzle, but we have to!!!

Hack #31


Try studying with friends, though there are chances you can get even more distracted.

Hack #32

Flashcards are so DARN useful!!! I tell you, if you haven’t used any flashcards, it’s high time you do!!


Hack #33

No one person will be found alive at that time…. seriously. (But I will! I woke up at 3am once for stuDYING!!!)


Hack #34

Chew on!


Hack #35

No more buying textbooks!


Hack #36

All of us tend to drink coffee during studying. This is awesome for keeping your coffee hot.


Hack #37

Draw your diagrams to get them nice and perfect rather than just stare at them for hours.

download (2).jpg

Hack #38

A set of educational websites. These will be useful overall.


Hack #39

Clean your room and table firstly, you will feel motivated.


Hack #40

Try changing study spots. It’s proven to improve and boost memory power.

images (5)_1477153564540.jpg

Hack #41

Try highlighting and colour coding.

Hack #42

I’d mentioned this method of revising in my previous blog and it’s awesome!! I still use it.


Hack #43

Get yourself inspired and watch a documentary.


Hack #44

Use comfortable fonts.


Hack #45

Treat yo’ self


Hack #46

Record and listen to lectures with a soothing background.


Hack #47

Listen to recordings 2× the speed.


Hack #48

Stop procrastinating. I would not say this is a hack. I’d say this piece of advice is a life saver!


Hack #49

Make sure you have this survival kit.

images (5)_1477135577144.jpg

Hack #50

Write down all formulae or important stuff in an index card and you’re ready to go handle it.


Now, for the bonus planners to plan out your study…

Testophobia: Fear of exams and how to overcome it. What Straight-A students are following and they aren’t telling you!

You wake up and find yourself surrounded with pens, pencils, highlighters, a clutter of papers and realise you were cramming down the night and fell asleep.



You stare at your watch and you’re like “Goddamn! That’s fifteen minutes!!!😱” You rush and put on your dress and grab your exam pad, pencils, and pens. You reach school and realise you still have two chapters left.

That’s when all the exam fear turns up and you come in face to face with “Testophobia”!!


So here are a few tips to overcome this so-called “testophobia.”

When does Testophobia turn up???
When you aren’t ready and confident enough for your exams. So it’s quite simple and straight forward: All you got to do is study in advance! I know…better said than done, but you know that there are a few kids who follow all these methods.( Like me!!😄😄)

How do you study in advance??
That’s a common question. Maintain a revision planner and try to sort out the difficult ones and the easier ones. Eat that frog!!!Difficult ones FIRST!! Easiest ones LAST!! I know…but you can’t do anything but eat that frog!! Stick to your plan, I know this is the tiring part…just try your best…you will get results!

How to study to your best??!
Well, the usual old methods work best. Highlight, take notes, write out the things which you feel are difficult to grasp and just give your best out and just finish it off!!24abc4bc28727d2c327c2463b1189ef1

So after you’ve read all of this, if you tend to forget things, try revising all the subjects a few day before you exams start.

What is the most effective method of revising??
Grab a few highlighters, your textbook, a plain sheet and a pen.
Take your textbook and highlight ONLY THE IMPORTANT STUFF. When you highlight try using a variety of colours and code them. By highlighting, try removing all that fluff.
Next, grab your pen and weed out some more of the important stuff and cut out the unimportant stuff. This way you have summarized your whole textbook atleast twice, and remember you also read some of the unimportant stuff, so just in case this appears in the exam, you will vaguely remember something.
Next, write out all the filtered, important stuff in your notebook.
Next, (I know this is tiring!!😥) type it out and print it.
Now, grab your highlighters and highlight all the extra- extra-important stuff.
There you go written, printed and highlighted revision of your lesson. This way you cannot leave out even the smallest bit of important stuff and they’re revised for over five times!


In the exam hall.

Now this is where your non- cramming helps you. You will naturally sleep early .(try not to grab a book or have a peep at the television the night before…these things will just make you stay with them till they end!)#Relatable
Wake up early in the morning and skim through your revised notes and get ready!! DO NOT skip your Breakfast!! Get to the exam hall early and take a comfortable position and settle down. Use the Washroom, drink some water and relax! ( I don’t do that!!😥) Once the question paper arrives, don’t freak out if you don’t remember a few answers. Just leave them for later and move on. Check your answers before you hand your paper over. (Just in case, you know, if you’ve made a blunder) and rejoice!!


I solemnly swear I am up to no good… ’cause I read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child!!🎆 🎉

1ecf78c05c16b0f564ada738a8dcd903Albus Severus Potter, who is destined to be a Slytherin, finds his cup of tea is NOT Quidditch, and is unlike his famous father, the Boy Who Lived, Harry Potter. He befriends Malfoy’s son, Scorpius who is rumoured to be Voldemort’s son himself. One day as Albus overhears a conversation between Harry and Amos Diggory he decides to get himself into some adventure with his BFF ,( that reminds me, Happy Friendship Day!) Scorpius. He wants to be like his dad, always into some fun and adventure, little realising that his dad was forced into adventure, not one who went looking for it.
‌They jump off the Hogwarts train and set out for an adventure with Delphi, Amos’ niece and steal a Time – Turner from the Minister of Magic, Hermione Granger’s office (guessed it right, she hid it in a bookshelf)
‌Anyone who messes with time, is certainly into trouble. They mix up things, make people disappear, change people’s character and worse of all ,bring Voldemort back to power because of humiliating  a wizard. They meet Snape, who is proud to find that Harry’s son wears his name.At last, the matters are put to rest, but the shocking revealing of Delphi’s parentage, puts the boys dumb founded. It’s up to the boys to save the wizarding world from falling into the powerful hands of Voldemort .
‌ I loved it. A must- read for the upcoming wizards of Hogwarts and the Muggles. Yet, I felt it didn’t have Rowling’s touch of those juicy words. It showed a little obviously that the book wasn’t her work wholly.
‌#goodreads #harrypotterfan #cursedchild

Books or Movies?!:?


In today’s world there is so much to explore and unveil. The world awaits out there to let you walk into all these opportunities BUT which means would you prefer?

I can tell you experiences from both sides of the coin; come on you’ve gotta accept that how much ever you love books you’ve seen AT LEAST a SINGLE movie?!

Movies are realistic.I accept this and I happen to remember quite a disgusting incident in which I bit a bloody popcorn.( Yep, that was a pun) I was watching ‘The Jurassic World’ in 3D and I bit through a popcorn, just in time, for my eyes to meet that disgusting scene when the Dinosaur ‘scrunches’ up a human soldier. Eeks! I felt as though my mouth was filled with blood. FYI: I’m not a cannibal, so I obviously didn’t find it amusing. I guess this is the attraction factor for movies: Movies are realistic.

Are books realistic?!  YES THEY ARE!! Do you disagree?! Read on. You will agree. Some say books are no realistic in any manner. I believe words are stronger than anything. An author’s words utilised in the book are enough to bring the reader to his/her world. Let me share with you another incident. I was reading this book called ‘Murder most unlady like’. The detective finds the victim’s body and the detective unknowingly feels the victim’s coat collar noticing it is slightly red and once discovering it was blood, she hastily rubs it upon her skirt. At this time I was licking tomato sauce! I guess you would understand, I felt like puking.
Well, considering both these incidents, you would think I have a huge appetite as both involve me eating something or the other. It’s quite the opposite story here. You know, I just happen to adopt the gene of multi – tasking from my mum!😉

Pros and Cons!

Watching horror movies result in the adrenalin junkies getting real pleasure out of being scared, but in a variety of ways they are risking our physical and mental health. When we watch an intense scene in a film our heart rate and blood pressure increases. This can and does lead to heart attacks.

Horror books, in change do make you get excited, but since you don’t view it visually, it is just a picture of imagination in your mind, it isn’t much of a harm. Personally, I’m not into all this horror stuff! I just try to make a big joke of it!

Here’s something for movie – lovers. Comedies, help lower your blood pressure!!😇😇When you laugh for extended periods of time your blood vessels dilate. Intense laughter for 15 minutes during a film has the same effect as exercising.

Ummm….. No…. I don’t think reading a book for 15 minutes makes you feel as energetic as exercising, BUT reading a book does energise your mind rapidly!

Hey, That’s quite amusing! Children who watched short clips from the Harry Potter films, specifically ones that involved the use of magic, scored significantly higher on a creative thinking test than other children.

In this case, they quite have to share the credit. I guess it is the same effect as watching a movie or reading a book, they make you creative (I love the Harry Potter series, it’s quite obvious because my username includes ‘Rowling’) and they do quite benefit both sides of the coin.

Here’s something for boys who LOVE these action films!
If exposed to violence through entertainment, it leads to ACTUAL REAL LIFE violence. Overall the answer to that is probably still up in the air, but a new study proves that watching aggression over the screen, you do experience REAL LIFE violence, even if it is just in the short term. Wait till my bro hears this!!🙌

Books, on the other hand do contain violence on certain areas, but I would say, just like I said previously, it is just imagination, so I feel it’s not much harm.

Oh yeah! Just remembered, I found this pic over Google.


I’d say the majority of the  good movies that are shoot, are book –  derived stories. For instance, J.K Rowling’s all famous Harry Potter series, John Boyne’s book about the concentration camp, The Boy in the striped Pyjamas, Markus Zusak’s Book Thief…. Here’s a tip for these type of books: See the movie, then read the book. I tried it out. You may feel that once you’ve seen the movie, what’s the use of reading the book, but here’s the catch, the movie won’t be able to nor won’t cover all the important details, so you may feel that a few things are unexplained. When you read the book, you can really ‘taste’ or ‘feel’ the book and appreciate it more. Though, if you don’t feel it very appraising, you can do it the way you like.

Never judge a book by its cover, never judge a movie by its poster and NEVER judge a book by its movie!!😎😎