Five Hobbies That You Can Develop As A Teenager.

Being a teenager is fun, you know there’s friends to hang out with, fun things to do, and then, there’s school too. Whilst all this there are so many skills you can develop that’d be fun.

So here, I’ve made a list of stuff that’d be fun to do as a teenager!


Photography is fun and I think clicking pictures that’d last, would be very fun. Being a kid, I hated being pictured, but now I enjoy both picturing others and being photographed myself. It’s just fun, being able to discover your aesthetic, artistic, and creative sense! You can peep my Instagram for some photography.


Are you hungry yet?


That’s me being creative, and trying to picture some biscuits like macaroons. Also, Fingernail game on point. *note the sarcasm*

2. Calligraphy

Learner and Doer of Calligraphy, personally Calligraphy is my stress bust for the day. I just like moving all those delicate brushes through the paper to bring out some beautiful piece of handwriting. It’s just something that one can never stop to develop.


That’s a blending fail.


This is a good one though. Again, fingernails are ugly.

3. Mandala drawing, Zentagle, Doodling

All these three are something that’ll make you creative beyond limit. At least that’s what I believe in. They’re super fun to do and something that you weave on the spot. I’ve started off with these quite recently, and find it extremely enjoyable.


My first ever Mandala. Dear Mandala experts, I’m in for some criticising. There’s millions of ways I could improve.


I know you’re all like, “No! That’s for kids!”, but as far as it’s concerned, even adults can try it. It’s just fun, and a great way to play with paper.


Here’s this cute origami bookmark that I made!


And this one, by my brother! You can find the tutorial here.

5. Music/ Poetry/ Writing

I know they’re all different things, but honing just one of these skills is going to fun enough, and enjoyable, and turns out I’m into all of these.


That’s some poetry by me.

Also, I’m writing something on Wattpad!


Hold it, bruh! 

Hey there Sid! Thanks for staring right into my phone while I begin an honorable blog about you. 

I don’t mean the Sid in Ice Age. Nah. I mean my beloved brother, Sidharth. 

How I met him? HAHAHA. Very funny. He came into my house, and then turned the boss baby. Not exactly, but soon enough he became the reason to attract a large number of enthusiastic guests afterward. Well, they sure had a lot of suggestions to handle a tender baby (not exactly..I dont think he’s tender anymore) like him.

I still remember, the day he was named was when I lost my first milk tooth. Yup, my tooth was more of a milestone than his name. LOL? Maybe. Just a random fact, my brother lost his first milk tooth TODAY. Yup, the 30th April, 2017. 

Well, he literally ‘lost’ it. He woke up to a beautiful rebellious morning with me, today.  He woke me up in a very sucky manner, and suddenly realized his shaky tooth was missing. “Great, at least your calcium intake would increase. Duh, you must’ve swallowed it, sweets.” I assured him. My mom suggested the tooth fairy must’ve taken it. Yep, they stuck with it and off he is showing off his missing tooth to everyone.

Back to his name. His spelling is “Sidharth” and I wasn’t quite okay with it. I was so firm in his spelling being “Siddharth”. Yep, I remember, I offered to fill his name for a form and wrote the spelling I preferred on purpose. Why? I don’t know.

My friends completely adore him. They think he’s cute. And I be like “Is it? Didn’t know.” Aah, don’t get me started on that. He knows to grab attention, quite well. Sometimes, I get addressed as Sid’s sister. Well, I’m speechless.

Don’t let the appearance deceive you. Nope, he is as sassy as me. He makes beautiful comebacks, shutting people’s mouth.

Me: *completely pissed* I don’t talk to assholes. 

Sid: ME TOO! 

Me: Well, you’re talking to ME right now.

Sid: Oh great, you ARE an asshole. At last, you accept it.

Me: BYE!

Well, I think that was a pretty good one.

The kind of pranks we play on each other.

*hacks into mom’s phone* Sid: “I. Hate. U. SHASH”

Me:” I. Hate. You. Too. Sid”

Sid: “I. Was. Joking.”

Me:”I. Wasn’t.” 

My brother’s “so- called jokes” don’t have a very good sense of humor. My brother thinks someone peeing in their pants is funny. Nah. It ain’t funny.

He is obsessed with having his fingerprint recorded in my phone. So he can sneak in whenever he wants. So I use that as a trump card whenever I want.

Wait, did you guess his age?? No. He’s not ten. He’s not twelve. He’s frigging SIX years old! Probably the most hilarious chat we’ve ever had:

He likes spacing the letters with a full stop each. So, I decided to follow.😂😂

Describe my brother in three words: Cute. Asshole -ish. Hella smart. Yup, that’s enough describing. Bye.

The drakon.(Chapter two)

I quite surprised myself, after looking at the world, a whole new world. Just without those pesky spectacles. Well, now spotting monsters was cake walk for me.

I spotted them every day. I quite tried my best not to freak out, now it seemed easier.  My friend stayed closer, unusually, after I’d narrated the incident of my soul being controlled by Medusa, and me also being able to stare right into Stheno’s eyes. 
And then, one night, my friend decided to take me to a picnic on the hills. I took my picnic basket and climbed up the hill. As we sat down, I munched on. And then I thought I saw a drakon. Nope, that’s not the wrong spelling. A drakon is an older Greek version of dragon.” HAHAHA! I think I see a drakon there.” I blurted out.

 It was standing next to a pine tree. And then my friend, Sasha decided to kick her shoes off, surprisingly her legs also kicked off. And then, there she stood. With legs like a horse, and her upper half, just the same.

I stood there in awe. Well, I don’t know what I was awed by. The fact, my friend Sasha, was now a satyress or the fact she’d also convinced the drakon to move aside. By this time, if I’d been the same old person, I would have died in shock. But now, I was kinda used to it. Life had become strange. I found Greek Mythology very interesting, so I keep reading about it and discovering. 

Thanks to that, I at least knew these were monsters. Or probably I would’ve hugged them. Umm, yeah, now I went further into the hill, past the pinecone. Now, it was like once the dragon gave way, I could see a whole town buzzing inside those borders. I was in Camp Half Blood.

My twin who’s taller than me.

Okay, so this blog is inspired by

And yes, Shruti, this blog is about you. The first time I probably met Shruti, we weren’t on very good terms. I met her first in fifth grade.

In fifth grade, I was the boss. I mean, I don’t know why, but I felt like that. So one day, a few people introduced me to Shruti, and I was like “Hey there, you’re quite tall.” Okay, probably I didn’t say that exactly, but at least that’s what occurred to me.

I was this kid who was just the right height for my fifth grade, and then Shruti came hopping along, leaving me doubting her age. In fifth grade, she kinda looked like eighth grade.

So yep, now me, Shruti, Pranavi (the longest BFF I’ve ever had) and Vaishnavi, one more nerd from the other classes sat together. We struck upon this awesome idea and named our group “Fantastic Four.” One more odd thing I noticed was, all our names ended with the letter “I”.

So we measured papers and wrote “Fantastic Four” in beautiful handwriting and stuck them to the back of our ID cards. Okay, I remember quite well, this actually turned into a trend in my school later. All the boys seemed to like this idea very much, and then they stuck papers that said stuff like ‘Ninja Boys’, ‘We are the second One Direction’, and all those stuff.  (Now you see why I felt like a boss. My ideas were appreciated maybe a little too much….I’m actually LMAO now.)

And then, you see Shruti and Vaishnavi didn’t like each other very much. This became a problem. Well, they fought a lot, shooting out mean comments at each other. And I eventually intervened, calming them down and I ended up getting in fight too..LOL

And then, I was praying, to not be in the same class as Shruti. Well, Murphy’s law decided to kick in and we were in the same class. HAHAHAHA. We fought like hell. Nope. We were hell. To the other students. Guess what?? Shruti and me were in the same group as well for our group projects, and we both were leaders for the group. It’s best to imagine the rest.

One of our teachers, actually said this. “Shruti and Shashvathi don’t get on very well, do they??” And well, you see we didn’t actually like that comment very much. So we were like “Nope, we are actually really alike, that actually causes a lot of brawling between us.”

Which was actually the truth. We were extremely alike. We shared interests in every damn thing. Music, literature, books, writing, poetry, and what not? Name it, and we’d be like, yup, I like that. And then we’d give each other the death stare. And then we’d be like ” You too?” and burst out laughing.

Okay, about music. Music is our bae. We love music. We actually share songs in school. We also sing them, when we’re bored. Yup, I remember one incident when we were singing one of our favourite pop songs, and this dude, who was our friend, was like “Ma’am, two people are singing some horrible English songs out there.” I still laugh for that joke.

Okay, both of us go to classical music classes. And we the pitch in music  is called “Shruthi”. I remember this one time, when she was like “My teacher was like what’s wrong with Shruthi, (something was wrong with the pitch) and I was like nothing’s wrong with me.”( It’s okay, if you didn’t get the joke)Well, I love her sense of humor. I love mine too. We are sass queens. We sass people off like hell. Sometimes, we sass each other out.

Shruti’s favourite buzzwords (which eventually turn out to be mine too.)


“Dude, shut up”

“What an asshole!”



Teacher: What are whole numbers?

Me& Shruti: *muffled giggles* (actually me and Shruti have an internal joke about ‘holes’)

*laughing until you cry*

*slaps thighs*

“Wow, sooo funny.” *whispers to me* “Is that even a joke?”



Okay, now I have to get moving, she’s coming over!!!

Ten things to know about yours truly!!

Hey there! I’ve made about 10 blog posts now and I’ve also completed a year on WordPress…!

So, I thought you ought to find out a few stuff about me..
I’m a Gemini, yep, and I’m proud of it! I am indecisive, and do suck a little at friendships…though, I’ve got two BFFs(hoping they do stay forever), by my side. I’m practically a nerd, yep, I do wear glasses and end up being extremely DORKY! (sometimes you know)

I am a book dragon.(I prefer that term, ’cause I ain’t no worm!) I love books and I love blog posts too! I’m currently reading Heroes Of Olympus, and just completed the Percy Jackson series, and I’m *OBSESSED* with the Harry Potter series! Like “Always!”

I love music. No, I *LIVE* music. I can’t stay without music, a single day. I can sing. (as far as I know, LOL, I mean, I attend music classes) Some of my favourite artistes are The Chainsmokers, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, 5H, 1D, etc. (Just the same old dudes, you see)

I enjoy writing. I helps me vent out. Big time. I get to describe and confess my feelings to my readers, which makes me feel lot better.

I’m not exactly a foodie. In fact,  I would say, I’m it’s opposite. Though, give me a chunk of chocolate, and you become my bae. (Not exactly, LOL)

I love traveling. It’s just like reading, you discover new stuff, you learn, (sure enough, you do, LOL, like forgetting to pack an extra pair of shoes) and most importantly, you feel happiness, joy, which is what I actually care about.

I may not believe in many things. But, I do believe in one thing, strongly. I believe that one day, I would be famous for what I AM. People would admire me, and I’d be a different person, because, that’s what I really yearn for sometimes. A whole lot of attention. I am very attention- seeking indeed.

My biggest fear is not getting a Hogwarts letter and not being accepted into it, at least when I’m thirteen. Just kidding. My biggest fear, is like Hermione’s, I fear being isolated in my life and ending up being somewhere, where I don’t belong. Seriously, I do. I don’t know if it makes sense to you, but I do NOT like being ignored.

I love poetry, and I enjoy making it too. I believe poetry can be delivered with the deepest of meanings, hardest of feelings, and tend to convey a lot. I enjoy making poetry too, because, sometimes, you just don’t get the right words, to describe how you feel. So, you make into poetry, ridiculed and beautiful poetry.

Last, but not the least, I have a sibling, a younger brother. I figured you could’ve possibly guessed that, because, he did find a few mentions in my older blogs..

2016- A review

“Every new day is a blank page of a 365 page book, write a good one”

-Brad Paisley.

2017 is here now!! As we all take up resolutions, and look forward to the upcoming year, we are getting older, each day and there is more for us to accomplish this year. Goals are set and it is in our hands to accomplish them as we move forward. As we move forward, let’s take a moment to look back and see what we have left behind of 2016, and see how we could’ve improved ourselves, because looking back into the past doesn’t make sense, but knowing what we should’ve done and shouldn’t have done is vital for us to be a better personality that we left of the previous year.

2016 started in a different way for each one of us. Whilst we Indians mourned the loss of a great leader, Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam, 2016 kick started for us. Half of us were ready for it while the others weren’t, but when it started, little did we know what we had to face, as we walked through this.

January 2016, was sticking to our goals and resolutions, and enjoying the newness of Christmas and New Year presents.  This time January had more for us, leaving the Harry Potter cast, crew and the fans in heartbreak, as Alan Rickman, the man who acted Snape in the Harry Potter series died on the 14th of January, aged 69.

 2016, being a leap year, gave us an extra 24 hours. We also know what a leap year means, Olympics; anticipation and expectations from the nation, to bring back something home.

February 2016, also meant Obama’s historic visit to Cuba, being the next President of USA to visit, since Calvin Coolidge in 1928.

March 2016, was sprayed in colours as we embraced Holi. March also meant the last month of our academic year 2015-16. As all of us completed our exams and heaved back, our holidays begun!! As March peeped in, summer also decided to peep in as it slowly increases the sun’s wrath, making us whip our foreheads off sweat and tire.

April 2016,got into the peaks of summer and holidays. As the sun decided to make us all immobile and awe at the weather reports and temperature, we slowly get past the wrath to May! As we were ready to move on to May, destiny decided to play its game and on the 21st of April, we lost Prince, an American Singer and songwriter who died at the age of 57. As we mourned his death, Beyoncé, decided to cheer us up, as she dropped her sixth album, ‘Lemonade’.

May 2016, was tough as we geared past summer’s last month of wrath. May 2016, also meant my birthday! J

June 2016, was “Phewing off” the heat as the wrath was over! As students geared up for their next academic year, dusting off their laziness from the holidays, school rolled in getting us students on our toes, when the sad news of Muhammad Ali’s death loomed in. On June 3rd, Muhammad Ali, an American professional boxer, died at the age of 74, leaving behind his achievements for the pride of the people.

July 2016, was overall an exciting month as Harry Potter fans, including me, waited in anticipation for the eighth story of the Harry Potter series, (as J K Rowling had announced previously in the year) Harry Potter and the Cursed child to be released, since the last one, 19 years before. On July 31st, the long wait was over and the book was released, as people rushed to the bookstores to grab their copy! J K Rowling was back, after her long nineteen year break for her career, and the series.

August 2016, was quite a milestone for Indians, as we saw P V Sindhu win the Silver medal, being the fourth Indian to win the silver. Celebrating the triumph of Sakshi Malik too, we dived into celebrative moods.

September 2016, passes by with celebration as exams turn round the corner and everybody gets back to work at school and workplaces.

October 2016, was filled with festive spirit as Diwali, Dussehra and Halloween spring up for us!! We light up our houses with lamps to chase darkness and sorrow, and celebrate Dussehra at its best! Little did we know that the next month would be so significant for Americans and Indians alike.

November 2016. November 2016, majorly consisted of Indians thinking of India’s future as it got MODIfied, while Americans thought of America’s future as Trump made America great again. Yes, on November 8th, Indians got to know India was to be demonetized, and we bid goodbyes to Rs.500 and Rs.1000 notes and Americans got to know Trump was elected President! Luckily, the month ended with a happy note as J K Rowling released her last work of the year, “Fantastic Beasts and where to find them”, a prequel of the Harry Potter series.

December 2016: People heaved sighs of 2016, as it drew to an end, waiting for what not to come, and how time had just flown by, when something most unexpected happened. On December 5th2016, India lost one of its most valued and respected woman-leaders, J Jayalalithaa, aged 68, who’d served as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu for 5 terms. Just as people mourned the loss, 2016 decided to finish off with a last disaster as the Vardah Cyclone hit Chennai, on December 12, leaving behind massive destruction and loss of Chennai’s green cover .As the New Year approached, people looked forward to a new beginning, a new year, and newer achievements.

Let’s just pray for a great, successful and productive year ahead!

50 Study Hacks to ace your next exam + Bonus printables for planning out your study!!!

When you know your exams are due in a week, you be like:


So here are 50 Study Hacks to (hopefully) ace your test!!!!!

Hack #1

Grab those headphones of yours and just rock your study session!! 


Hack #2

Not everything can be handled like your pizza! “All at once!” So break your study into chunks and take breaks.


Hack #3

Also try blocking apps like SelfControl or ColdTurkey for blocking out your phone or PC for a scheduled time.


Hack #4

Make notes like a BO$$!!!!

P.S : I love 5H

P.S.S : I Looooooove BO$$

images (5)_1477138538785.jpg

Hack #5

Read your notes!! Don’t just leave them in a corner nice and dusty, so you can just throw them away in the end of the semester.


Hack #6

Now I know why we gotta make notes!!!! Now this is what I call ‘legit’!


Hack #7

Being scented also gives you that ‘one another reason to study’.


Hack #8

Be weird! Be cool! Be weirdly and coolly studying!


Hack #9

Post it! Post this! Post that! “Post it” every goddamn thing!!

images (5)_1477140699511.jpg

Hack #10


Gotta finish like ten chapters?? Then this is the best way to literally ‘skim’ through material.

Hack #11

Best not to try it in a library!


Hack #12

I always* do this!! Drinking water will stimulate your body and thinking. I dunno why but it also inspires me to study.


* Emotional sobs.“After all this time?” .”ALWAYS” said Snape.

Hack #13

I prefer teaching stuffed toys cause I’m no teacher!


Hack #14

When you’re like totally scrunched for time and you gotta study in a public setting, this can prove useful.


Hack #15

Now I know, #Monday blues


Hack #16

Nappy nap!!


Hack #17



Hack #18

This reminds me of Chamber of Secrets!! “Enemies of the heir beware!!”

Hack #19

Punch ’em!

Hack #20

Try grape smoothies or grape ICE CREAM??!


Hack #21

Or why not try making your own PowerPoint presentation???


Hack #22

“I wanna stuff my face with Chocolate ” is directly linked to getting higher scores…. Wait what??? OH YEAH!! NOW YOU WANNA KISS ME!


Hack #23

Be careful with music! If you’re on YouTube, you can get distracted and before you realise you’re into Superwoman’s latest video and three hours have gone by.048502ce5dcbc6344b63105ce2884c5a

Hack #24

Use mnemonic devices. Like the ‘VIBGYOR’ you learnt to remember the colors of the rainbow.


Hack #25


Maintain a planner to plan out your study. Don’t miss out my bonus templates for planning out your Study.

Hack #26


After writing a paper copy and paste it on Google translate and it will read it out to you, as you find your mistakes easier.

Hack #27


Try PhotoMath, it allows you to take pictures of problems and it will solve them step- by – step for you.

Hack #28


Use to find words that you can’t think of but can describe.

Hack #29

Another method to remember things easily.


Hack #30


Revising is another hazzle, but we have to!!!

Hack #31


Try studying with friends, though there are chances you can get even more distracted.

Hack #32

Flashcards are so DARN useful!!! I tell you, if you haven’t used any flashcards, it’s high time you do!!


Hack #33

No one person will be found alive at that time…. seriously. (But I will! I woke up at 3am once for stuDYING!!!)


Hack #34

Chew on!


Hack #35

No more buying textbooks!


Hack #36

All of us tend to drink coffee during studying. This is awesome for keeping your coffee hot.


Hack #37

Draw your diagrams to get them nice and perfect rather than just stare at them for hours.

download (2).jpg

Hack #38

A set of educational websites. These will be useful overall.


Hack #39

Clean your room and table firstly, you will feel motivated.


Hack #40

Try changing study spots. It’s proven to improve and boost memory power.

images (5)_1477153564540.jpg

Hack #41

Try highlighting and colour coding.

Hack #42

I’d mentioned this method of revising in my previous blog and it’s awesome!! I still use it.


Hack #43

Get yourself inspired and watch a documentary.


Hack #44

Use comfortable fonts.


Hack #45

Treat yo’ self


Hack #46

Record and listen to lectures with a soothing background.


Hack #47

Listen to recordings 2× the speed.


Hack #48

Stop procrastinating. I would not say this is a hack. I’d say this piece of advice is a life saver!


Hack #49

Make sure you have this survival kit.

images (5)_1477135577144.jpg

Hack #50

Write down all formulae or important stuff in an index card and you’re ready to go handle it.


Now, for the bonus planners to plan out your study…

Testophobia: Fear of exams and how to overcome it. What Straight-A students are following and they aren’t telling you!

You wake up and find yourself surrounded with pens, pencils, highlighters, a clutter of papers and realise you were cramming down the night and fell asleep.



You stare at your watch and you’re like “Goddamn! That’s fifteen minutes!!!😱” You rush and put on your dress and grab your exam pad, pencils, and pens. You reach school and realise you still have two chapters left.

That’s when all the exam fear turns up and you come in face to face with “Testophobia”!!


So here are a few tips to overcome this so-called “testophobia.”

When does Testophobia turn up???
When you aren’t ready and confident enough for your exams. So it’s quite simple and straight forward: All you got to do is study in advance! I know…better said than done, but you know that there are a few kids who follow all these methods.( Like me!!😄😄)

How do you study in advance??
That’s a common question. Maintain a revision planner and try to sort out the difficult ones and the easier ones. Eat that frog!!!Difficult ones FIRST!! Easiest ones LAST!! I know…but you can’t do anything but eat that frog!! Stick to your plan, I know this is the tiring part…just try your best…you will get results!

How to study to your best??!
Well, the usual old methods work best. Highlight, take notes, write out the things which you feel are difficult to grasp and just give your best out and just finish it off!!24abc4bc28727d2c327c2463b1189ef1

So after you’ve read all of this, if you tend to forget things, try revising all the subjects a few day before you exams start.

What is the most effective method of revising??
Grab a few highlighters, your textbook, a plain sheet and a pen.
Take your textbook and highlight ONLY THE IMPORTANT STUFF. When you highlight try using a variety of colours and code them. By highlighting, try removing all that fluff.
Next, grab your pen and weed out some more of the important stuff and cut out the unimportant stuff. This way you have summarized your whole textbook atleast twice, and remember you also read some of the unimportant stuff, so just in case this appears in the exam, you will vaguely remember something.
Next, write out all the filtered, important stuff in your notebook.
Next, (I know this is tiring!!😥) type it out and print it.
Now, grab your highlighters and highlight all the extra- extra-important stuff.
There you go written, printed and highlighted revision of your lesson. This way you cannot leave out even the smallest bit of important stuff and they’re revised for over five times!


In the exam hall.

Now this is where your non- cramming helps you. You will naturally sleep early .(try not to grab a book or have a peep at the television the night before…these things will just make you stay with them till they end!)#Relatable
Wake up early in the morning and skim through your revised notes and get ready!! DO NOT skip your Breakfast!! Get to the exam hall early and take a comfortable position and settle down. Use the Washroom, drink some water and relax! ( I don’t do that!!😥) Once the question paper arrives, don’t freak out if you don’t remember a few answers. Just leave them for later and move on. Check your answers before you hand your paper over. (Just in case, you know, if you’ve made a blunder) and rejoice!!