“Staying in the darkness, my girl?” a wispy female voice clouded my thoughts, it was almost like she was speaking into my head.

I reached in my pocket, hoping to find a candle, and there it is, a pale pink candle with wax dribbled all over the edges, and a charcoal wick. I roll the wick in between my forefinger and thumb, and the candle lights ever so lightly, with a dark blue flame, almost smoked at the edges with orange stripes.

Right in front of me is a giant Ferris Wheel, completely black in color, almost like it was burnt to the ground, and its ashes are barely keeping it together.

I move my candle around, its orange-blue flame slowly swaying to my movement. I find a candle holder, magnificent and golden, gleaming in the blue candlelight, I slide my candle into it.

Ever so quickly, the candle melts away so gracefully, to a small mound of wax, and leaves me in a deep abyss of black. A small flicker of light appeared a few meters away, and I tread carefully, not to stumble in the dark.

A new flicker of light appeared in the sky, and slowly whooshed towards the ground. I rushed to the spot directly below it, heaving and panting. Almost by cue, just as I reached a largely deserted road, the flicker of light, now a big mound of light, crashed with a soft thud in the ground.

I shielded my eyes, as the light blinded me. I tread backward and felt my body being heaved on the ground. I dusted myself and looked around. I stood at the center of a large carnival ground, abandoned and dilapidated to its last life. The giant Ferris wheel now stood in the ground like a half-burnt and pitiable orphan, pleading to be fondled and played with, in the foreseeable distance.

It had triangles of white, painted haphazardly on the road. Each triangle seemed to be pointing in a different direction, like confused and numb turtles.

I seemed to be standing in front of a large circular circus tent, slightly bent to a crooked angle like a handicapped man with a largely uneven boot on one leg. The circus tent was torn and rubbed with mud on the sides, and seemed uncannily like the dirty handicapped tramp that sat outside my house, wearing white and pink striped pajamas.

On the inside, the tent was lit a dark blue, largely because of the large crystal octahedron at the center of it, which seemed to emit the blue light. I walked towards the crystal and looked at a large sign floating right above it, reading “HOLD IT, PLEASE!” in bold red letters. This seemed more of like a warning than a request, but I picked up the crystal and held it cupped between both of my hands.

The blue light seemed to contract and now visible on the ground was a miniature map. I slightly bent towards the ground, keeping my hand still to get a closer look at the map. As I examined it, I recognized the center of the map as the tent I stood in. I further recognized the Ferris wheel and a small popcorn stand near it.

With a small flicker of light, the map lines squiggled and merged to reveal words on the ground: “FERRIS WHEEL”. I pocketed the now ice-cold octahedron and raced to the Ferris wheel. The dark, orphaned Ferris wheel, now in broad daylight very visibly had a large lever near it, to turn it on. I yanked the lever with all my might.

Nothing changed at all, the world around me still and quiet, as the wind rushed past my face, teasing me. I sighed and sat on the open seat hanging low from the Ferris wheel. With a whoosh, the wheel began spinning slowly, and I held on tightly. With every revolution, the wheel seemed to accelerate more.

Rust flew from my seat in all directions, as my seat creaked with every revolution. I held on dearly to the railing of the Ferris wheel, as my seat seemed to vaporize. Everything was spinning so fast, and my grip on the railing of the Ferris wheel seemed to loosen. I plunged towards the ground, as the wind whistled in my ears.

I woke up with a jolt, in my warm bed, that seemed so unusually hot. I was burning from a fever. This was no surprise, whenever I had this dream of the abandoned carnival, I woke up with a burning fever. Each time in the dream I visited the circus tent, and a new ride in the carnival but never seemed to remember my previous experiences, in the dream. Although, I had now completely explored the carnival, and could remember all the trivial details as I was conscious.

With a swig of water and paracetamol, my fever toned down, and I went back to bed. The next morning, I dressed for school, as I watched the tramp outside my apartment, stand up and walk off, away from my house.

I drew on some blue eyeliner and rushed to my school, chewing on some burnt sandwiches my mum fancied whilst yelling at my dad. As I downed the sandwiches, whilst walking, my stomach churned and I retched onto the ground, pinkish-yellow vomit.

My head whirred and I fainted on the road, as I strongly stifled another bout of vomit. I felt someone carrying me and putting me in a car. As the car rolled with a soft hum, I regained consciousness. The car had a brightly pink, with soft yellow polka dots sprinkled, on the interior.

The tramp outside my house was driving the car, and as he realized I had awakened, he climbed off his driver seat and crawled next to my seat. I opened my mouth to scream about the driverless car, but he quickly stifled me with a gag.

I was being abducted, it finally sunk in. I tried to fight him off with my free hands and legs, but he ever so smoothly had me completely tied up. I felt my muscles cramp up in my arms, as he tied them behind my back. I tried to kick the tramp in his face, and he fumed angrily as he tied my feet together and slapped me on the face.

I felt so angry! This disgusting tramp was abducting me! The tramp drew the window down and jumped off the car onto the road. I tried to crawl up to the open window but it shut tightly. I helplessly tried to untie myself, as the car bent round several roads, and journeyed on for hours.

With nightfall, the car stopped at a deserted road. I grunted with a gleam of hope, as the car door yanked open. I rolled onto the road and tried to detect some sign of life. I squirmed hard, and my ropes loosened so easily.

I stood up, brushing dirt off my shirt. With a sudden jangling and clanging noise, the lights came on.

I stood in the carnival ground. Same old carnival ground, deserted and well-lighted. But it was all brand new, no more dilapidated or ancient. All brand new and gleaming.

The giant Ferris wheel towered above me, gleaming with silver in the sunlight. A shiny lever painted a bright red, was attached to the ground. I took a deep breath and yanked it with all my might.

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