My First MUN

MUN, Model United Nations, is exactly what the name suggests. You represent a country, meet with others to deliberate over the agenda, and after hours of discussion, and a plethora of inputs from different countries, all the head of states(in this case, delegates) come to a conclusion and draft a resolution.

My very first MUN took place within the bounds of my school, and it immediately struck me as very interesting. Having a never-ending thirst for knowledge, and as someone that loved learning new things, Model United Nations, paired with research and the interaction with elite delegates of my age, really piqued my interest.

The Intra-school MUN to put it plainly, was simply the tip of the iceberg. In committee, I debated with classmates, whose terrain I knew really well. I knew exactly where they would be vulnerable, and played it conveniently to my strengths.

On June 15 and 16, I got to attend my first Inter-school MUN. As much as I was nervous, I was hugely pumped for the opportunity. I prepped like a crazy person, although looking back now, my genuine piece of advice would be that you have never prepped enough. How much ever hard you had researched, there would be some bits you would have possibly missed out on, so KEEP PREPPING!

I represented CNN in the International Press Corps committee, and it was an amazing experience! I thoroughly enjoyed the lively debate and gained a lot of insight into how hardcore MUN circuits worked, how competitive delegates were (pretty darn competitive, I would say.) and how to make the best of your MUNs.

If you love to debate, or love to research, or love to sit back and spectate human conflict, this the place for you. Introverted, or extroverted or ambiverted, GO FOR IT. Don’t go for the awards, go for the experience, the awards will eventually show up.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions in committee, even if it is a question on the rules of procedure. Go full-on with the questions, give your best shot, and don’t forget to enjoy the food. (MUN circuits also have amazing food!)

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