Chaos- poetry.

C H A O S Lungs filled with smoke, Eyes covered in fog, Mouth stuffed with sand, Mind gelled out into chaos. Living among scrunched up paper and meagre amounts of ink, I live art and breathe Magic. My mind tangled amongst twists in my hair, and the scent of far fetched memories. My lips burnt of biting in doubt and anger. My soul yearns to feel warmth that singes, yet comforts. My eyes simmer in pain, my heart shrinks in ache, my hands burn from scars, my feet buckle under agony. Is life truly a balance? Is doubt in … Continue reading Chaos- poetry.

A serial killer with a sense of humour.

I sleepily opened my car’s trunk and bent over and picked up a black plastic bag and slowly walked toward the river, digging my nose furiously, with my free hand. I enjoy moments of solitude. No one around to stare at you digging your nose or scratch your ass, as you contemplate if he’s the next one to experience your beloved knife’s cold metal. Yes, I’m a psychopath. I have extreme tendencies to kill, and fortunately, I was smart and lucky enough to avoid run-ins with the law. I looked around squinting sleepy-eyed, to check if anyone was there. I … Continue reading A serial killer with a sense of humour.