Surviving finals week.

Allow me to quote Katy Perry,

I won’t just survive, oh you will see me thrive.

So, it’s finals week, and here I am procrastinating before math exam and writing a blog for y’all. I did my first final pretty well, and here I am, lost of motivation, and writing a blog to see if I can regain it.

There you go, tips from a nerd to survive finals week.

Finals week is pretty tough. Seriously, you got all these crazy people droning on about grades and stuff, but hey, grades don’t matter in the end, but finals sure do, and you know that. So here is a guide to acin’ it:

Time Management.

Manage your time. Seriously, this is more than enough to ace not just your final, but anything in life. I suck big time at time management, and end up staying up overnight. So, just know what you’re going to do, at exactly what time. Block your time for specific tasks, then take a break, at the required time.



Clean your desk out. Make it the ‘aesthetic’ desk you’ve always wanted. A cluttered workspace make you less motivated and unwilling to do anything. Just clean it out, and it will be so much better. Also try changing studying spots, instead of studying in the same place for hours together. I’ve noticed that this helps greatly. Try studying out in the open, try your living room, and make sure you’re comfortable, but not comfy enough to doze off.


 Distraction- free environment.

Oh, the number of times I’ve been tempted to listen to music while studying. Remove all possible distractions off your place. This will save your life. Avoid studying on your laptop, but if you have to log out off everything. Keep your phone away.  Tell your annoying brother to get out, and start studying. Hustle that ass of yours.



You need your sleep and you deserve it. Go to bed as early as possible and avoid an all- nighter. It’s extremely ironic you’re getting this from me, but just let your brain rest. Sometimes, you could go to bed early, and wake up earlier than usual in the morning to study/revise.




3 thoughts on “Surviving finals week.

  1. TheGiantBow Mar 5, 2018 / 5:11 pm

    Oh, the number of times I’ve been tempted to listen to music while studying. HOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO ME ALL THE TIME.


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