2016- A review

“Every new day is a blank page of a 365 page book, write a good one”

-Brad Paisley.

2017 is here now!! As we all take up resolutions, and look forward to the upcoming year, we are getting older, each day and there is more for us to accomplish this year. Goals are set and it is in our hands to accomplish them as we move forward. As we move forward, let’s take a moment to look back and see what we have left behind of 2016, and see how we could’ve improved ourselves, because looking back into the past doesn’t make sense, but knowing what we should’ve done and shouldn’t have done is vital for us to be a better personality that we left of the previous year.

2016 started in a different way for each one of us. Whilst we Indians mourned the loss of a great leader, Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam, 2016 kick started for us. Half of us were ready for it while the others weren’t, but when it started, little did we know what we had to face, as we walked through this.

January 2016, was sticking to our goals and resolutions, and enjoying the newness of Christmas and New Year presents.  This time January had more for us, leaving the Harry Potter cast, crew and the fans in heartbreak, as Alan Rickman, the man who acted Snape in the Harry Potter series died on the 14th of January, aged 69.

 2016, being a leap year, gave us an extra 24 hours. We also know what a leap year means, Olympics; anticipation and expectations from the nation, to bring back something home.

February 2016, also meant Obama’s historic visit to Cuba, being the next President of USA to visit, since Calvin Coolidge in 1928.

March 2016, was sprayed in colours as we embraced Holi. March also meant the last month of our academic year 2015-16. As all of us completed our exams and heaved back, our holidays begun!! As March peeped in, summer also decided to peep in as it slowly increases the sun’s wrath, making us whip our foreheads off sweat and tire.

April 2016,got into the peaks of summer and holidays. As the sun decided to make us all immobile and awe at the weather reports and temperature, we slowly get past the wrath to May! As we were ready to move on to May, destiny decided to play its game and on the 21st of April, we lost Prince, an American Singer and songwriter who died at the age of 57. As we mourned his death, Beyoncé, decided to cheer us up, as she dropped her sixth album, ‘Lemonade’.

May 2016, was tough as we geared past summer’s last month of wrath. May 2016, also meant my birthday! J

June 2016, was “Phewing off” the heat as the wrath was over! As students geared up for their next academic year, dusting off their laziness from the holidays, school rolled in getting us students on our toes, when the sad news of Muhammad Ali’s death loomed in. On June 3rd, Muhammad Ali, an American professional boxer, died at the age of 74, leaving behind his achievements for the pride of the people.

July 2016, was overall an exciting month as Harry Potter fans, including me, waited in anticipation for the eighth story of the Harry Potter series, (as J K Rowling had announced previously in the year) Harry Potter and the Cursed child to be released, since the last one, 19 years before. On July 31st, the long wait was over and the book was released, as people rushed to the bookstores to grab their copy! J K Rowling was back, after her long nineteen year break for her career, and the series.

August 2016, was quite a milestone for Indians, as we saw P V Sindhu win the Silver medal, being the fourth Indian to win the silver. Celebrating the triumph of Sakshi Malik too, we dived into celebrative moods.

September 2016, passes by with celebration as exams turn round the corner and everybody gets back to work at school and workplaces.

October 2016, was filled with festive spirit as Diwali, Dussehra and Halloween spring up for us!! We light up our houses with lamps to chase darkness and sorrow, and celebrate Dussehra at its best! Little did we know that the next month would be so significant for Americans and Indians alike.

November 2016. November 2016, majorly consisted of Indians thinking of India’s future as it got MODIfied, while Americans thought of America’s future as Trump made America great again. Yes, on November 8th, Indians got to know India was to be demonetized, and we bid goodbyes to Rs.500 and Rs.1000 notes and Americans got to know Trump was elected President! Luckily, the month ended with a happy note as J K Rowling released her last work of the year, “Fantastic Beasts and where to find them”, a prequel of the Harry Potter series.

December 2016: People heaved sighs of 2016, as it drew to an end, waiting for what not to come, and how time had just flown by, when something most unexpected happened. On December 5th2016, India lost one of its most valued and respected woman-leaders, J Jayalalithaa, aged 68, who’d served as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu for 5 terms. Just as people mourned the loss, 2016 decided to finish off with a last disaster as the Vardah Cyclone hit Chennai, on December 12, leaving behind massive destruction and loss of Chennai’s green cover .As the New Year approached, people looked forward to a new beginning, a new year, and newer achievements.

Let’s just pray for a great, successful and productive year ahead!