The time we literally got TIRED of beaches!!

“Andaman and Nicobar Islands.” The first thought occurring to anyone would be a vast spread of blue, rippling across back and forth, while you sprawl out on the sand, tanning yourself and just staring at the sky. Beaches, Exotic and Calming beaches! Shemurr!

Sure enough, when we returned we were so ‘beached up’! We literally vowed to ourselves to not visit the beach for at least a month.” Yo’ lookin’ for a break? Then this gotta be the righ’ place for yo’!”

A six – day trip to chilling out, it was pure ‘Awesomeness’! 

Day 1- 24th November 2016

Bags packed, breakfast in tummy, dresses on, shoe laces tied, and excitement clinging on, we boarded our flight to Port Blair. In the flight, the first few minutes, I was just staring out of the window, with no idea of what to do. I could go over to my friend’s seat and chat with her, whose family was accompanying us ,or music on, or just continue to stare outside the window and just become more air sick till I threw up. I decided to music. Headphones on, I played music on my phone. Then we got some coffee, and then I went selfie- mad,- I dunno, I was just doing blah for two hours, literally on the plane, till I got off.

After collecting both the families’ bags, we took a car to our rooms. After accommodating our rooms, we went for lunch. Our hotel’s name was Blue Sea Hotel. After lunching, we decided to rest. At first me and my friend, were gobbling up chocs and other snacks, then we also dozed off, with the adults.

At 2pm, we left for ‘Corbyn’s cove’. Then we decided to jet ski. They told me to take my glasses off, or it might fly away. I didn’t. I got on and it was bombdigitty! Lucky, I got my

Image result for corbyn's cove beach
Corbyn’s cove beach

glasses off before the ride intensified. Water was literally all over my face, and it was so much fun! After I got off I was totally shaken. I came to the shore and just sat there for sometime thinking of the ride. After my brother returned, he was such a sight. We all burst into laughter, and my brother got all shy ’cause every  person was laughing at him. His hair was all spiked up and he was totally shaken.

After my friend returned, we decided to play a game. We ran at top speed and then suddenly jumped, PLOP! We all got super muddy! After changing, we went to the Rajiv Gandhi Sports Complex. There, there was this children traffic park, with traffic rules and signboards all over, where you could ride a Bi/Tricycle. Unfortunately, we didn’t have one for our age, so we decided to ride the one meant for 10 years. My friend went first, I wanted to race her and BLIMEY! I fell and bruised my knees! Shemurr! Awkward!!!!

After both of our siblings were done cycling, we went back to our rooms, refreshed and had dinner and fell back for the night!!

Day 2- 25th November 2016

I wake up to find I’m in Andaman! Oh YEAH! Recognition dawns upon me! I pull on my Jeans and my T-Shirt and step down for Breakfast. Then we take a car driven by Sanjeet, who actually drove us down for the whole trip.We again go to the water sports complex and we were waiting for like two hours till our vessel ‘M V Saroj’ arrived. Though all of us were frustrated, the wait was certainly worth it. We first landed on ‘North Bay Island’.

Fun Fact: The picture of this island can be found on our 20 rupee notes!

After a little talk, we decided to try out Scuba Diving training at North bay, and if it was good enough we could just go for it,  if not we could go for Sea Walk. Me, my mum, my dad, my friend and her mum were gonna try it out. The training started. We were told signs, to communicate for an emergency, underwater. For “OK”, you had to join your thumb and index to form an’O’ and keep the other three fingers raised. For going up, you had to show a “thumbs up”.For   going down, “thumbs down”and for something wrong , you had to put your hand out flat and wave it lightly.

All of us wore suits, a weight belt, goggles and had an oxygen cylinder at our backs for inhaling. Then, having regulators in our mouth, we trialled underwater. I was quite okay. I agreed, but I was teriffied, you know, scuba diving at twelve’s not easy.

Image result for north bay island andaman
North bay island

I was ready, I went underwater with the guide. It wasn’t easy breathing through your mouth. After sometime, some water went into my nose and I started spluttering. In a hurry, I took my regulator off too and I started to choke. Luckily, the guide hurried me upwards and I got fine. After that, it was great,watching the underwater marine life of all colors and sizes, possible. You know sometimes things are so great that you just have to live that moment, and it ain’t so easy decribing it later. All I can say is, it was a spectacular and breathtaking sight of marine life, underwater!!

After diving, I changed and we got onto M V Saroj again, and headed to Ross Island. At Ross

Image result for ross island
Ross Island

island, we didn’t get in the water. We were just sight- seeing. We saw a bunker built by the Japanese, and we saw a lots of deer. We were hanging about and we also got to see peacocks!

Image result for cellular jail top view
Cellular Jail

All of us were tired and hungry, when we got off M V Saroj. We headed straight for lunch, and returned to our rooms. Later in the evening, we visited Cellular jail, for the light and sound show, about the history of the Andaman Islands and Cellular Jail, and how it attained its name ‘Kaala Pani’.

Day 3- 26th November 2016

After breakfast, we boarded our ship to the Havelock Islands, called ‘Green Ocean’. It was the first time for all of us on a ship, and the sight was spectacular. By the end of the cruise, we had a dancefloor! Guessed it! Shemurr! I didn’t Dance!

After reaching Havelock, we accommodated this beach resort, called ‘El Dorado’, where there was a small beach at the back. We decided to rest for the day. For dinner, we ate at a Restaurant, called Shakaahar, where food was great.

Day 4- 27th November 2016

Originally, we’d planned to go to Lighthouse beach, Elephant beach and RadhaNagar Beach, but due to bad weather conditions, we couldn’t make it to Elephant beach. At first, we were waiting on a beach, for our boat, to take us to Lighthouse beach.Apparently, our

Image result for snorkeling

boat was late. So we were just playing around in the water, trying our best not to get soaking wet. But, both of our siblings, mine and my friend’s sibling got soaked and had to change. All of us enjoyed in that beach too soaking our legs, and enjoying the sand. After something that felt like ages, our boat arrived! It was called ‘Bikash Rider’ and rode us to Lighthouse beach. Here, we went Snorkeling, while the siblings just splashed bout. I’d say Snorkeling is just the tyro of Scuba Diving , ’cause we couldn’t go too deep, nor too far.

Image result for radhanagar beach
Radhanagar beach

We returned to our rooms to refresh, and then at 2pm we left to Radhanagar beach. This beach was breathtaking and the best of all. We all changed into swimming suits, just sat down, and waited for the waves to hit us and push us away. This was COOL! After this all we kids were very tired, and we just rested in our rooms for the day.

Day 5- 28th November 2016

We were just traveling back to Port Blair,in Green Ocean. After we reached we went to another beach and a sunset point, where we saw rocks of all colors, and we also sighted a crocodile!!! Later, we retired for the night at our rooms, back in Port Blair.

Day 6- 29th November 2016

Our last day at Andaman, and straight back home! We went Shopping and got quite a lot of stuff! we got a few shell- shaped keychains for our friends, some jewellery, a fridge

a bloody handprint we found in one of the cells (pc: my dad)

magnet and a ship which played music when you turned its steering. Then we toured the Cellular jail.It was quite upsetting to see that so many people gave their lives up for the nation. In fact,I found this in one of the cells.

At 2:25 we boarded our flight back home! Woah! What a trip! Like literally, this has been the best trip of my life to date!