Testophobia: Fear of exams and how to overcome it. What Straight-A students are following and they aren’t telling you!

You wake up and find yourself surrounded with pens, pencils, highlighters, a clutter of papers and realise you were cramming down the night and fell asleep.



You stare at your watch and you’re like “Goddamn! That’s fifteen minutes!!!😱” You rush and put on your dress and grab your exam pad, pencils, and pens. You reach school and realise you still have two chapters left.

That’s when all the exam fear turns up and you come in face to face with “Testophobia”!!


So here are a few tips to overcome this so-called “testophobia.”

When does Testophobia turn up???
When you aren’t ready and confident enough for your exams. So it’s quite simple and straight forward: All you got to do is study in advance! I know…better said than done, but you know that there are a few kids who follow all these methods.( Like me!!😄😄)

How do you study in advance??
That’s a common question. Maintain a revision planner and try to sort out the difficult ones and the easier ones. Eat that frog!!!Difficult ones FIRST!! Easiest ones LAST!! I know…but you can’t do anything but eat that frog!! Stick to your plan, I know this is the tiring part…just try your best…you will get results!

How to study to your best??!
Well, the usual old methods work best. Highlight, take notes, write out the things which you feel are difficult to grasp and just give your best out and just finish it off!!24abc4bc28727d2c327c2463b1189ef1

So after you’ve read all of this, if you tend to forget things, try revising all the subjects a few day before you exams start.

What is the most effective method of revising??
Grab a few highlighters, your textbook, a plain sheet and a pen.
Take your textbook and highlight ONLY THE IMPORTANT STUFF. When you highlight try using a variety of colours and code them. By highlighting, try removing all that fluff.
Next, grab your pen and weed out some more of the important stuff and cut out the unimportant stuff. This way you have summarized your whole textbook atleast twice, and remember you also read some of the unimportant stuff, so just in case this appears in the exam, you will vaguely remember something.
Next, write out all the filtered, important stuff in your notebook.
Next, (I know this is tiring!!😥) type it out and print it.
Now, grab your highlighters and highlight all the extra- extra-important stuff.
There you go written, printed and highlighted revision of your lesson. This way you cannot leave out even the smallest bit of important stuff and they’re revised for over five times!


In the exam hall.

Now this is where your non- cramming helps you. You will naturally sleep early .(try not to grab a book or have a peep at the television the night before…these things will just make you stay with them till they end!)#Relatable
Wake up early in the morning and skim through your revised notes and get ready!! DO NOT skip your Breakfast!! Get to the exam hall early and take a comfortable position and settle down. Use the Washroom, drink some water and relax! ( I don’t do that!!😥) Once the question paper arrives, don’t freak out if you don’t remember a few answers. Just leave them for later and move on. Check your answers before you hand your paper over. (Just in case, you know, if you’ve made a blunder) and rejoice!!


4 thoughts on “Testophobia: Fear of exams and how to overcome it. What Straight-A students are following and they aren’t telling you!

  1. Neya Sep 19, 2016 / 4:43 am

    Hey crazy little Rowling… that is one awesome blog! I am literally amazed.. u r awesome!!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Venky Sep 19, 2016 / 9:57 am

    “write out the things which you feel are difficult to grasp and just give your best out and just finish it off!!” – Now, wait, are you telling me that you cram those you feel difficult??? Beautiful post, btw:)


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