Books or Movies?!:?


In today’s world there is so much to explore and unveil. The world awaits out there to let you walk into all these opportunities BUT which means would you prefer?

I can tell you experiences from both sides of the coin; come on you’ve gotta accept that how much ever you love books you’ve seen AT LEAST a SINGLE movie?!

Movies are realistic.I accept this and I happen to remember quite a disgusting incident in which I bit a bloody popcorn.( Yep, that was a pun) I was watching ‘The Jurassic World’ in 3D and I bit through a popcorn, just in time, for my eyes to meet that disgusting scene when the Dinosaur ‘scrunches’ up a human soldier. Eeks! I felt as though my mouth was filled with blood. FYI: I’m not a cannibal, so I obviously didn’t find it amusing. I guess this is the attraction factor for movies: Movies are realistic.

Are books realistic?!  YES THEY ARE!! Do you disagree?! Read on. You will agree. Some say books are no realistic in any manner. I believe words are stronger than anything. An author’s words utilised in the book are enough to bring the reader to his/her world. Let me share with you another incident. I was reading this book called ‘Murder most unlady like’. The detective finds the victim’s body and the detective unknowingly feels the victim’s coat collar noticing it is slightly red and once discovering it was blood, she hastily rubs it upon her skirt. At this time I was licking tomato sauce! I guess you would understand, I felt like puking.
Well, considering both these incidents, you would think I have a huge appetite as both involve me eating something or the other. It’s quite the opposite story here. You know, I just happen to adopt the gene of multi – tasking from my mum!😉

Pros and Cons!

Watching horror movies result in the adrenalin junkies getting real pleasure out of being scared, but in a variety of ways they are risking our physical and mental health. When we watch an intense scene in a film our heart rate and blood pressure increases. This can and does lead to heart attacks.

Horror books, in change do make you get excited, but since you don’t view it visually, it is just a picture of imagination in your mind, it isn’t much of a harm. Personally, I’m not into all this horror stuff! I just try to make a big joke of it!

Here’s something for movie – lovers. Comedies, help lower your blood pressure!!😇😇When you laugh for extended periods of time your blood vessels dilate. Intense laughter for 15 minutes during a film has the same effect as exercising.

Ummm….. No…. I don’t think reading a book for 15 minutes makes you feel as energetic as exercising, BUT reading a book does energise your mind rapidly!

Hey, That’s quite amusing! Children who watched short clips from the Harry Potter films, specifically ones that involved the use of magic, scored significantly higher on a creative thinking test than other children.

In this case, they quite have to share the credit. I guess it is the same effect as watching a movie or reading a book, they make you creative (I love the Harry Potter series, it’s quite obvious because my username includes ‘Rowling’) and they do quite benefit both sides of the coin.

Here’s something for boys who LOVE these action films!
If exposed to violence through entertainment, it leads to ACTUAL REAL LIFE violence. Overall the answer to that is probably still up in the air, but a new study proves that watching aggression over the screen, you do experience REAL LIFE violence, even if it is just in the short term. Wait till my bro hears this!!🙌

Books, on the other hand do contain violence on certain areas, but I would say, just like I said previously, it is just imagination, so I feel it’s not much harm.

Oh yeah! Just remembered, I found this pic over Google.


I’d say the majority of the  good movies that are shoot, are book –  derived stories. For instance, J.K Rowling’s all famous Harry Potter series, John Boyne’s book about the concentration camp, The Boy in the striped Pyjamas, Markus Zusak’s Book Thief…. Here’s a tip for these type of books: See the movie, then read the book. I tried it out. You may feel that once you’ve seen the movie, what’s the use of reading the book, but here’s the catch, the movie won’t be able to nor won’t cover all the important details, so you may feel that a few things are unexplained. When you read the book, you can really ‘taste’ or ‘feel’ the book and appreciate it more. Though, if you don’t feel it very appraising, you can do it the way you like.

Never judge a book by its cover, never judge a movie by its poster and NEVER judge a book by its movie!!😎😎


A musical sojourn.

“I was going to travel with my friends and perform in various places, which included St. Thyagaraja’s birthplace,Thiruvaiyaru.” This thought, made me bubble up with a cornucopia of excitement and a nanoscopic amount of anxiety as I was traveling in the absence of mom and dad.

It was 4:50am as we bid a goodbye and boarded. Drowsy to the brim, all of us slept our way through. We had breakfast in Vikravandi at 8. After a few hours of traveling, we reached Koothanur, the first place we were to perform, situated in theThiruvarur district of Tamilnadu, which is widely known for its abode of the goddess of knowledge, music and arts, Saraswathi. Draped in white, she holds a Veena, which represents mastery over art and music .King Rajaraja Chola donated this temple to Ottakoothar, a renowned Tamil poet, hence the town came to be called as Koothanur. We sang ‘Saraswasthi Namasthubyam’ and ‘Mamavathi Shree Saraswathi’

After halting for lunch, we headed to Govindapuram, a village in theThiruvidaimarudur taluk ofThanjavur district in Tamil Nadu. We were gonna visit 3 temples in this village. First we visited the Tomb (Adhishtanam) of Bodhendhiral, a pontiff of the seventeenth-century and the head of the Kanchi Mata in Kanchipuram, who spent his later life in Govindapuram. The place is known for its serenity and quiet.Next, we proceeded to the Sankaracharya temple. After singing songs in glory of the Guru, we progressed to the recently builtPanduranga Vital Temple which was consecrated on July 15, 2011. After rendering a few abhangs and bhajans we visited the cow’s stable (Ghoshala) where there are more than 500 cows and are provided with food, water, shelter and medical facilities. I was astound to see each Cow had a dedicated fan! After this, we were off to Tiruvaiyaru.

The next day was gonna be quite a momentous day. Firstly, we visited Panchanadheeswar temple and then, we visited St. Thyagaraja’s Residence, where we chorused on a few songs he’d composed. One of it was Thyagaraja’s first ever composition, ‘Namo Namo Raghavaya’ set to the Raga Desiyathodi and Tala Rupakam. After singing a few songs, we walked n sang a few other songs on our way to the tomb.

After fooding on, we went to St. Tyagaraja’s tomb (Samadhi) again for our main programme. We sang the ‘Pancharatna Kritis’ or the five gems of compositions by St.Thyagaraja and a few other songs.

Due to traffic reasons, there were a few delays and we couldn’t make it to two temples planned before:Thirumeeyachur Lalithambika temple and the Uthukadu Krishna temple. The discovery of the panchaloka idol of Kalinga Narthana Perumal from the temple tank led to the popularity of the Uthukadu temple . It is believed that sage Natasha witnessed the Kalinga Narthanam that Lord Krishna performed in front of the divine cows Nandini and Patti, children of Kamadhenu. The mythological story goes on say that Sage Naradha prayed to Krishna to remain in the village in the dance posture and bless the devotees. Hence it is believed that Lord Krishna remained in the dancing posture in Uthukkadu. I hope we make it there the next time.

Well, the trip had ended.We headed to Home Sweet Home. I surely had enjoyed the trip to the most, and my mum and dad would tell you how excited I was on telling them what happened throughout the trip. I didn’t let them sleep.😜

Last, but not the least, I’d like to thank everyone who helped me through and not to mention my teacher, Radha Aunty, who organised the trip so well.