What’s in the air? Summer!!



What’s in the air? Summer!! Yay!Lying out in the sun, tanned tip to toe, licking ice lollies and sip up the last of your lemonade! I love the smell of summer! Sweat dripping, and enjoying is  most pleasurable. Those days when we used to bite through those juicy mangoes, and half the juice would slurp down our thirsty throat, and the other half would slip down our chin, ticklishly!

All you can imagine of summer is Holidays and holidays are exciting! No homework! No exams! No annoying prefects shrieking “Be Quiet!!”. I bet, after a few days of playing the same board games over and over with your sis or bro, and in the evening leaving out to play the same “running and catching” or football, you’re bored! Then you nag your mom “Mom, I want to attend a summer camp. I’m bored at home.” After an hour of continuous nagging , a frustrated Mom says “Fine! but you’ll have to take your bro along with you”.You get the shock of your life. “With bro! Impossible! I’d rather not go.” and mom’s like “Fine! Don’t”

“Are you ready yet?” shrieks  mom. You’re at last ready for your summer camp “Coming,Coming!”you shriek back. You get on  mom’s bike and zoom off. After a week of  art and craft and painting and a nagging sibling by your side to drain you off, you’re back! You start to compare your sibling’s and your painting and you obviously find yours better! You start to laugh your ass off and your sibling is making a big fuss of it! Then you have some problem solving  and nice music.

It’s April 1st.It’s April Fools and apparently,(the disheartening part) you have your parent teacher meeting too!! The awful row you’re going to get into! You’re  denying your best on acompanying your parents and sibling , but no luck !Off you go, you first meet your class teacher and you get your report card. “Hey not bad man!”says dad, but the thing is  mom’s not too happy. That’s because you missed a single A+.It’s okay ! She gets over it! Dad’s extremely pleased with you. You’re off for a feast. After a few burps and farts and specially the “excuse me’s”, you’re nice and  snug into bed!


Hey! There you are ! You’re off to Darjeeling to beat the heat.”What’s brewing?” asks dad.”Chamomile tea it seems.They grow it here.”replies mum. I never seem to understand one thing, these mothers always know what’s on in the kitchen, whether day or night even if they’re not cooking! After trying out hundreds of tea both sweet and sour ,you return with a sour tongue. After a few days of tasting mom’s  homemade food, you’re feeling better.

“Hey! Did you know? He went to the USA for his vacation!! Lucky guy!”says your friend to you. At last the schools have reopened and you guys are out there gossiping about who went where for his holidays and who didn’t ! Holidays are exciting but schools are even more exciting! Hope you have a cool summer! Hey! Wait, that’s my lemonade! Bye! My bro stared sipping my glass of lemonade!!